Mr. Harrison-Weir founded the National Cat Club 1887 and was its first President and Show Manager. Then came the very famous artist Louis Wain as President and Show Manager and Judge. Louis Wain also designed the Club Logo as still used today and depicted above.

Until 1910 the National Cat Club was, also, the Governing Body of the Cat Fancy, and that was the Year when the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy as we know it, was formed.

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The first National CC Show was held at the Crystal Palace, London, in July 1887. The Show Manager was Mr. F Wilson and 323 cats were entered. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison-Weir and Dr Gorden were the adjudicators.

The Entrance fee was 3s. 6d. (17p) and an additional 2s.0d. (10p) for Miscellaneous Club classes. The Official Gazette at this time for the Cat Fancy was first published in July 1910.

The Show continued to be held at Crystal Palace until December 1936 when, sadly, it was destroyed by fire on the eve of the National Show. However, the Club was somewhat fortunate in as much as normally all the trophies were taken to the Crystal Palace the day before the show but, this particular year, they had not been sent. Had they have been there, as was the usual practice, all would have been lost forever.

The Show venue after the fire changed many times, Paddington Bakers Hall, Kentish Town Baths, Paddington Baths, Seymour Hall and the Royal Horticultural Hall before moving to Olympia for many years then Earls Court and  back to Olympia.  In 2008 a decision was made to move the Show once again to a smaller less expensive venue. Bracknell Leisure Centre in Berkshire.

Over the years,  the Show has had many well known Show Managers including Mr. Harrison Weir, Mr. Louis Wain, Mr. Cox, Sir Claude Alexander and Lily Spears, to name but a few. Then moving on to the latter years, our most famous Show Manager of all was Mrs. Grace Pond. (Click on Image to go to 'Louis Wain a true cat lover')


Grace first managed the Show in 1953 and continued until her retirement in 1992. She was the longest-serving Show Manager in the history of the World of Cats. Well done Grace!
(Click on Image to go to 'A tribute to Grace Pond')

1992 saw the election of Frank Grieve to the post of Chairman of the National Cat Club, he had a great vision to take the club forward into the new Millennium. Frank was greatly instrumental in the introduction of 'The World of Cats' to the National Cat Club Show.  In 1995 Carol and Ron Pike took over the mammoth task of running the modern National, successfully adding their own flair to the show working very hard to make what will be a superb Show run to perfection.

The success of any show must first of all, come from you, Exhibitors, our Judges, Stewards, and Veterinary Surgeons, while not forgetting the army of helpers who come year after year voluntarily. And, of course, a major part of the excitement of the National Show is created by the many and colourfully varied Trade, Charity and Breed Club Stands who support us year after year.